Slow Heart Stitching

On this first Sunday in February, I continue on stitching a Valentine heart. I am almost half way. It is enjoyable stitching with fancy threads.

While I watch TV this afternoon, I will be crocheting something easy. A crocheted edge fleece throw. Here is a recent one finished which is part of a charity project.

Since I am not a football fan and much prefer golf, I rather watch the PGA Tournament held in Scottsdale, AZ vs the Super Bowl.  The green golf course is refreshing to my snow-weary Michigan eyes.  Maybe there will be a peak of blue sky.

Please visit other stitchers at Kathy's weekly linky party called Slow Sunday Stitching. It is motivational and relaxing!



  1. Love your fancy strippy stitching on that heart piece... and I love baby quilts with the crocheted edge on them... makes them sooo nice for breastfeeding or just for snuggling a newborn! I had several that I rotated through when mine were young... I LOVED having a nice big cover when I needed to feed a hungry baby and be modest too! lol Hope your Sunday was great and you enjoyed the snowfree Golf! :) Kathi

  2. What a great project to work on as we approach Valentine’s Day! Beautiful stitching!