Mailing Quilt to a Quilt Show

The time has finally arrived to send "Sunshine Sherbet" out of state. I have mixed emotions. Happy to have it entered in a national quilt show. A wee bit nervous about it arriving safely. 

Prior to shipping, I had final touches (six things) to complete.
  1. The hanging sleeve had to be redone as the previous sleeve was a bit too tight for the pole. I remeasured my original sleeve opening and was short a good quarter inch. Ugh! It seems I have to do everything over twice.
  2. Labeling the quilt which I accomplished by embroidering my name, year of completion, and title of quilt. 
  3. Make a label covering for judging purposes. 
  4. Double check for loose threads and remove lint remnants and possible pet hairs from my sleepy helper.

  5. Wrap and pack per show requirements. 

  6. Off to my local UPS store. Cost to ship with insurance was a surprising $34!  

    Phew! The next time I see Sunshine Sherbet will hopefully be sometime next week hanging up in a convention hall in Columbus, Ohio. Stay tuned for my first out-of-state quilt adventure.

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