Saturday, January 22, 2022

A Finish and a New Project

The wooly hat/beanie is finished :-)  It keeps my ears and head warm in our 20 degree Fahrenheit (-6.6 Celsius) temps on walks through the neighborhood. 

The brand of yarn is Diakeito from Japan. The only place currently available, per a quick online search, is on etsy with very limited supplies. Possibly it is not longer imported to US.  There is another ball in the stash and a matching scarf would be nice, however, I'm switching projects.  

This week's Slow Sunday Stitching project at Kathy's is a crochet-edge fleece blanket with a horse-themed print. A dear relative who is a horse lover is recovering from a successful serious major surgery. All are grateful. Hopefully, she'll be 
'back in the saddle' soon riding and training.

At the start of new year, decluttering, reorganizing, downsizing, minimalizing, etc began. Some items were  brought out of storage, put on display and/or hung on the wall.  Here is a quilt made several years ago which is now happy to see the light of day. It is now hanging in my sewing area.  Much better than being folded away in a closet.

Hanging it on the wall was a DIY project. It is hung by Command Hooks, disc magnets, metal plates, and a metal tension curtain rod slipped into the quilt sleeve on the back. Below is one of the DIY magnetic bracket hanging on the wall.  Note: there are two (2) holding up this 42 x 53 inch quilt. 

This is not my idea. Directions were found on youtube by Lynn at The Stitch TV Show.  Perhaps some of you may find this helpful if you want to hang a quilt. There is no damage to the wall. All supplies were purchased in the hardware department at a big box lumber store.

May you all have a good day!


Sunday, January 9, 2022

Hat Knitting

Progress was made on the knitted hat, yet not enough to get to the part of switching over to DPNs.  I should change the name of my blog to Slow Bliss instead of Sew Bliss (wink).  The suggestions received to used wood/bamboo DPNs are appreciated and will be used.

Some of my hand needlework time was done for a charity project. My church donates fleece blankets to local hospitals, nursing homes, etc.  Obviously with the pandemic, the need is greater than what the group can provide.  The group purchases the fleece at Joann's using coupons and buying remnants. The fleece is trimmed with a crochet rotary blade which gives perfect-sized holes for the yarn.  The fabric is coordinated with a complimentary yarn color and passed onto the volunteers who crochet the edges at their convenience in their own homes.  This was not a boring design to work.  

Every year I pick up a pre-planted Amaryllis bulb at the local big box store.  It bloomed this week with the help of a paint stick for support. Although it's a bit paler pink than what was pictured on the box, it was well worth the 5 bucks.

Knitting/crocheting today will be done while watching two of my favorite sports although they are opposites temperature wise: figure  skating and golfing.  This weekend is the US Nationals Skating Championships and the PGA is playing at a scenic golf course in Hawaii.

Maria Bell's championship performance

Sentry Tournament of Champions in Maui

When Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching post goes live, I hope to join her fellow stitchers. 



Sunday, January 2, 2022

Happy 2022

Happy New Year!  Today is Kathy's Quilts first Slow Sunday Stitching of 2022.  A purplish variegated yarn from Japan was found in my stash which is enough for knitted hat/beanie. All wool and a delight to to knit. Unfortunately, no longer available.  It's my first hat and it is coming along nicely yet some trepidation when I have to switch to double-pointed needles for the crown.  

On my last post, I was knitting a cowl with a crocheted flower. Here it is all finished.  Thank goodness for wrinkle remover/cover-up in photo-editing software (wink). 

Despite it being officially winter in North America, I still have color in my yard.  Evidently, it's a bumper year for winterberries. The bushes have huge clumps. It would be nice to have a few branches cut for decoration in the house, however, I choose to leave them outside for the birds as winter food.

May you have a good week and a year of happy stitching!