Monday, October 21, 2013

Design Wall and Sewing Corner Clean-up!

This week the majority of my sewing time was spent decluttering my basement sewing corner.  I think my sewing clutter multiplied when I wasn't looking (wink).  Sewing amongst too much clutter was not pleasant. I was recently motivated by Teresa over at Fabric Therapy when she reorganized her Quilt Cave.

The decluttering and reorganizing process was a real chore as I dislike doing it but love the results! Therefore, visualizing sitting down to sew in an organized space was my motivation.

I sorted all the notions, etc. and categorized them in their own containers which are inexpensive Glad or Ziplock containers.  They are lightweight and see-though.

Items still handy in cabinet which is behind my chair.

Maybe one day I will get around to labeling the containers, but for now my time is better spent working on the quilt!

Reorganizing still in progress.  Piles and baskets of fabric and to do projects were not in view of the camera.  Haven't touched the fabric, patterns & notes, and buttons yet!

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Monday, October 14, 2013

Blocks All Pieced

Upon sewing a few blocks here and there, all blocks are pieced together!  They are all on my design wall and in the order of which I have started to piece the rows (on the diagonal).

Here is a before photo of the last two blocks needing piecing.

Last 2 blocks all arranged and ready for piecing.

Here is the after photo.  Yea!  Finally, all blocks pieced.

Last 2 blocks pieced neat and tidy.

After rearranging the blocks, I am now piecing them to the alternate blocks.  I am assembling the rows on the diagonal:

I must admit that I began to tire of piecing the individual blocks and had to nudge myself.  Now while I am assembling the rows, it is great fun.

My overall design wall progress this week:

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Monday, October 7, 2013

Design Wall Monday

This week I am in good company!  Just like Judy at Patchwork Times, I also have only two blocks to complete for my design wall quilt.  Uh.....I'm not counting the one that is in progress on the machine.

Judy promises to have her two blocks completed today.  I'm not so sure if I can finish my blocks today, but I do promise that they will be pieced by next week's Design Wall Monday.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Quilt In Progress

Jill in Michigan, the Great Lakes State, USA

This week I am squeezing sewing time in the morning (first things first) in order to work (only 1-2 blocks per day) on piecing together the last six unfinished blocks on my current quilt.  It will be a scrap-style quilt made of brown and pink reproduction fabrics from the Civil War era. 

I contemplated setting the blocks traditional, but I prefer the above set on point:

I started out leisurely hand piecing, but now I am machine piecing.  I will hand quilt it and am anxious to start on the actual quilting process.

It's amazing the difference how nice fabric pieces look when pieced together as you can see below:

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