Sunday, March 10, 2024

Binding and Rekindled UFO

Today I'm starting out with continuation of hand sewing quilt binding on the blue and white winding ways quilt. This photo shows the backing fabric. I try to find a coordinating fabric which gives more interest to the back.  The lighting was not ideal for this photo, yet you can see the nautical print and the walking foot stitches.

Can you spot the circular design created with square blocks. Photo is prior to quilting.

It's an old block pattern most commonly called 'Winding Ways'. Another name is 'Wheel of Mystery'. These blocks were created with the Chic Country ruler developed by Sew Kind of Wonderful. Trust me the points are far from perfect. It's the overall design that creates the circular motion.

While decluttering and downsizing this winter, I decided to rekindle a UFO. Admittedly, it's been put away too long. How long? Shall we say pre-Covid. Most likely I became stuck on what to do for a border (or none) as this is not my normal quilt style.  There are nine blocks made with the foundation paper method. What drew me to Kaffe Fassett's fabric was the vibrant colors.

When my eyes get tired of stitching the dark navy binding, I can take a break and remove the foundation papers from the back. A messy project.

While rekindling the UFO, a decision was made to add a 
floral applique border using the same Kaffe fabrics. Next decision is to machine or hand applique. The look of hand applique is the best.  Due to time limitations, machine applique may be quicker. 

Below is a beginner attempt at prepared-edge applique. Many videos were viewed as each 'pro' demonstrates their favorite method with a tweak here and there. What is working best for me is the freezer-paper starch method by Jill Finley on Fat Quarter's youtube channel. I'm using three sheets of freezer paper. She uses four. The difference is my tweak (wink).

Due to a lost hour of sleep (daylight savings time - spring forward clocks) I'll be extra Slow Sunday Stitching (and paper removing) with Kathy and her loyal friends.  

Happy Sewing!


Sunday, February 18, 2024

Final Stretch

Finally, the completion of the blue and white (B&W) quilt is getting near. All walking foot stitching is done. Today, I am attaching the binding.

The perfect blue fabric to complement the scappy look was found at a brick and mortar store where I take the sewing machine for its annual maintanence. Well, actually this year it was biannual (wink).  

In the past couple of weeks there was an interruption in finishing the B&W due to the need (desire) to make a toddler quilt. 

No piecing was required.  It is a long-ago retired I Spy panel in other words a 'cheater.'  I found the most perfect backing fabric which can double as I Spy as well. 
Although it will be gifted to a newborn, the toddler quilt will work as a baby gift when I meet the new little guy.  More walking foot practice was accomplished as all shapes were outlined quilted. 

Two different color threads were used as red worked well on the front and white on the back. Same brand and weight of thread used which was Gutterman 30 weight all cotton.

In order to join along with talented hand stitchers at Kathy's Quilts, I'll be hand sewing the binding down on the back of quilt.

Have a good day!

P.S. Technical glitch:  I have no idea how the different size fonts and misaligned text happened. It's best to get this posted and back to sewing!

Sunday, January 28, 2024

A few stitching projects are in the works this last week of January. One of this year's goal was to quilt more and sew far sew good. 

The blue and white quilt is in the quilting stages. The decision was made to do straight line quilt with the rows one-half inch apart. First one-inch rows were stitched with a walking foot while following the walking foot guide. When all one-inch rows were completed, I went back and filled in another line in between. It is easy peasy as the walking foot fits in smack dab in the middle of the previously stitched one-inch  lines.

A few posts ago, I mentioned our flourishing winterberry bushes. When Christmas arrived and time for decorating, I was tempted to pick a few branches.

 However, I knew cold winter weather was soon approaching and the berries would be needed for bird nourishment. During a recent snow storm, a large flock of robins (at least 75)  landed in our trees and neighbors' as well. They were there for the berries. Within 90 minutes all branches were stripped bare. The berries were put to better use than for decorating purposes.

Perhaps there will be time for straight line quilting today, but not much as I'll be watching and rooting for the Detroit Lions play against the San Francisco 49ers. During the many annoying commercials, I'll be doing a simple crochet edge on charity fleece blankets. Hopefully, it will be a relaxing project while joining other stitchers at Kathy’s Quilts.

Happy Sewing!

Sunday, January 14, 2024

Quilt Basting

On this cold blustery Michigan winter day, I continue hand basting a quilt top in preparation for machine quilting.  There are high hopes to finish basting today.

I use the board basting method of which there are several youtube videos on how to should you be interested.

The most recent project, a crocheted scarf, was finished in the nick of time for the way below freezing temperatures. Due to the sniffles 🤧, I haven't been out and the scarf has yet to be used. Next time when I'm bundled up, I'll take a photo.

For all those living in the northern hemisphere, please stay warm on today's Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy! May the southern hemisphere stitchers, enjoy the warm weather!


P.S. Go Detroit Lions 🦁