More Outdoors Stitching

The calendar still says summer and the weather is cooperating in Michigan. Therefore, I am taking advantage of the warm mornings and evenings to sit outside and stitch. As autumn is fast approaching and outdoor sewing is limited, I am enjoying every minute.  Some progress has been made on my first block of Flower Pots.

On this block I have fiddled with two methods of applique. First was needleturn. Second was freezer paper applique using the glue baste method. As these pieces are rather large, it was easier to do needleturn. To place the pieces on the background I experimented with applique pins and basting.  Old-fashion basting was easier to handle.

The block requires several one-inch circles. I am going to try the method that I saw Sarah Fielke demo on youtube.  Instead of drawing out the one-inch circles, I’m going to buy a one-inch punch used for scrapbooking. Stay tuned on how well that works.

This post is motivated by Kathy’s weekly Slow Sunday Stitching party and the kindred stitchers who join her.


Stitching Outdoors

Happy September! It is my favorite month, yet this year it came too quickly. Good intentions of sewing and posting have been sidetracked by summer. Definitely during the summer months I prefer hand stitching outdoors in decent weather versus sitting at a machine indoors with the exception of hot, muggy days.

Coincidentally, this week Kathy of Slow Sunday Stitching is requesting stitchers to post a photo of their corner of the world when they hand stitch in good weather. This is the view I have when I stitch outdoors.

The warm summer breezes and fresh air on my back patio will last only a couple more weeks here in Michigan. If it's warm in the morning, I'll try to sneak in a few stitches with my cup of coffee. In the evening, I may have a glass of ice tea or occasionally a another beverage that supports Michigan's wine industry.  ;-)

Today I am appliqueing with Kaffe Fassett fabrics. The pattern is Flower Pots by Kim McLean. It's been on my bucket list quite a while.

Best wishes tomorrow for a safe, happy Labor Day!


Old and New Stitching Project

Today on Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy, I have two projects. The first one is I can now add bling to my fancy needlepoint heart as the background stitching has been finished, yay

The second stitching project was inspired by a quilt that I saw at the Sauder Village Quilt Show. The light and dark fabrics forming a background circle pattern has fascinated me.

However, I found it stressful to piece the Winding Ways / Wheel of Mystery block either by hand or machine. Too much eye strain piecing the narrow curved points in the center.  When I saw the block at the quilt show, my initial reaction was that it was appliqued. Upon close inspection I could see that it was pieced. I give the maker credit. Next, I experienced a light bulb moment,
 "Why couldn't I applique the blocks?" You are welcome to follow along on my experiment.

Yesterday two of my favorite girls and I went on an adventure out to the country to pick Michigan strawberries.

Nearby there were sweet cherry trees and we were able to gather a flat of cherries. Needless to say both girls managed to meet their daily requirement.

In between hand stitching, I was going to make a batch of strawberry jam, however, by today many were over ripe and too soft for canning. :-(  Hopefully tomorrow I can find some Michigan strawberries nearby and uh....already picked.