Sunday, April 19, 2020

Slow Sunday Stitching

Today I am returning to unfinished hand basting on the red and white quilt. Not the most glamorous of stitching projects.  When the basting is complete, it will be a good feeling as then I’ll be able to begin the quilting process. Since the quilt is a contemporary style, it will be machine quilted although I love the look of hand quilting.

The block is called the disappearing four-patch.
It goes from this

 to this (sorry print is different)

When put together, this is the overall pattern
(although there are other arrangements)

This past week, I joined the mask making party a bit late due to surgery which was considered elective. One week later the hospital ceased elective procedures. Phew, I cut 😉 it close. The post-op follow-up doctor's visit was done via Facetime/Skype (whatever) which was a new, convenient experience. Anyway, the surgeon mentioned the hospital (medium size) is currently only treating Covid-19 patients. I live in the metro-Detroit area which is considered a hot spot. Michigan is in a strict lockdown. I digress.

Back to mask making. During the last few weeks of recuperating, time was spent viewing youtube and reading blogs in search of the perfect, most comfortable, most protective and quickest mask that one can make without elastic. No perfect mask found, yet I did like two styles:  the most-common pleated and the one that is sometimes referred to as the Olson mask.  

Masks with cloth ties were made first. I found them to be unnecessarily time-consuming and not all that comfortable. Knit ties are quicker, no need to sew edges and make for a more comfortable fit. I practiced on an old tee shirt with success. Then I bought some knitted fabric at my local big box fabric store (curbside pick up) and find it convenient to cut rows and rows of strips. I would love to show you a photo of recent masks made, however, they leave my house as quick as they are requested.  My favorite youtube videos and patterns follow:

As with many other stitchers, I shall balance mask making with creative sewing.

May you all enjoy Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy and please stay well!


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