Sunday, February 27, 2022

Slow Skate Stitching

Finally, there is some progress on the skate ornament. The excuse for stalling was some stitching and fiber choices were not quite right. Therefore, the stitches were carefully removed and I began again. The red bow and green holly leaves are complete other than red glass beads for holly berries. Fancy embellishments, which I'm anxious to do, has to be added last. 

The 1,000 piece Paris puzzle was completed. 

Five years ago I was fortunate to visit Paris for a few days. I long to return.

There will be more skate stitching today as I join Kathy's popular Slow Sunday Stitching linky party.

Pray for Ukraine.


Saturday, February 12, 2022

Mid February

Happy Valentine's ❤️ Day!

Above is a needlepoint heart finished several years ago along with a collection Valentine handkerchiefs displayed on the fireplace mantle.  

As we all know, Valentine's is about love which reminds me of The City of Love - Paris. Since I can't be there (sigh), this puzzle will just have to do.
This week I reaffirm to work on the slooow skating Sunday stitching project while joining Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching. Take a peak and see what others choose to be working on Superbowl Sunday. 

Last week I was sidetracked by a Sunday drive to the St. Clair River where it was full of ice coming down from the Great Lakes. It's quite the site to see.  The land across the river is Ontario, Canada. I'm in the U.S.  It never ceases to amaze that I can look across the river and see a foreign country. 

Huge chunks of ice going every which way.

A few freighters continue to sail with the help of both U.S. and Canada's Coast Guard ice cutters. This one looks stuck, but it is not.

It's been enjoyable watching the Olympic figure skating with more to come. Yet, I'm unable to concentrate on needlepoint stitches while doing so as in my mind I’m skating and spinning with them (big wink).

Since I'm not a football fan, skate progress should be made today and in the oven will be ❤️ shaped cookie cutouts.  


Saturday, February 5, 2022

Skate Ornament

Michigan's cold spell continues which makes for a good day to spend indoors stitching. Despite the dark political clouds hanging over the Olympics, the well-trained athletes will be competing. I love watching it all. My favorite sport is figure skating. Therefore, stitching will be done on this needlepoint skate ornament. It was a project started a couple years ago, yet I stalled on choosing fiber colors. Perfect time to revive. This will be a gift for the skater in the family.

Per my last post, the horse-themed fleece blanket has been completed and mailed across the miles.

A crochet picot edge was chosen.  

While being indoors, decluttering, minimizing continues (or whatever 'getting rid of stuff' is currently called). The sewing corner has gotten attention: a new set of drawers and wall decorations. The drawers (on right) are Ikea’s Alex, the letters are from Hobby Lobby, the plates came out of storage and are on display. Normally one would not hang antique Limoges plates in a sewing room, but what the heck as they add to the corner by balancing out the letters and I enjoy seeing them. 

Fibers are chosen and ready for skate stitching progress while joining kindred stitchers at Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching link party!

Thank you for your kindly visit!