Quilt In Progress

Jill in Michigan, the Great Lakes State, USA

This week I am squeezing sewing time in the morning (first things first) in order to work (only 1-2 blocks per day) on piecing together the last six unfinished blocks on my current quilt.  It will be a scrap-style quilt made of brown and pink reproduction fabrics from the Civil War era. 

I contemplated setting the blocks traditional, but I prefer the above set on point:

I started out leisurely hand piecing, but now I am machine piecing.  I will hand quilt it and am anxious to start on the actual quilting process.

It's amazing the difference how nice fabric pieces look when pieced together as you can see below:

Please stop by Celebrate Hand Quilting hosted by Caron Mosey to see other quilts in progress.


  1. Thanks for posting such a fun quilt top... can't wait to see it hand quilted too! I also like to machine piece as I find it faster and sturdier but only hand quilt in the end... :) Kathi

  2. I love your header and the churn dash too.