Sunday, June 12, 2022

Summer Stitching & Travel

Now that summer is officially getting closer, the weather is turning warm to hot.  Personally, that means working on smaller projects that are portable and light to hold in the lap.  Another needlepoint round / ornament is in the works. Since it's golf season I've chosen a golf-theme canvas.  It represents Augusta National where the Masters Tournament is held each spring. It's a beautiful course blooming with azaleas.  The green background done.  Truth be told, I was going to start this in the spring when the Masters Tournament was television, however, it was quilt retreat weekend.  Therefore, I'm switching to a different tournament to watch.

This is the week of the Canadian open which is being held in Ontario outside of Toronto. Most likely the Canadian bloggers are aware of the event. The course at St. Georges Golf and Country Club is beautiful!

Photo taken from internet
Recently we've traveled out of state and the opportunity was much appreciated after sticking close to home for almost three years.  Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC are two cities that we've never been to and  heard they are beautiful.  We found it to be true.  Savannah has lovely large homes situated on tree-lined streets.  So many parks as one walks through the City. Despite it being hot, there was always a pleasant breeze.  

Fountain in Forsyth Park

Charleston also has large OLD homes in their historic district. The streets are narrow and the houses close together. Below are two that were easy to photograph. The narrowest house that I've ever seen was easy to snap a quick pic. Note it's too narrow for a parked car.

One could peak down lanes/garden paths which are magazine worthy.

An hour from Savannah and two hours from Charleston and sort of in between the two is Hilton Head Island. We've never been and soon learned why it is a popular destination.  Miles of sandy beach. The water was warm on one's feet. Since I'm a Great Lakes kind of gal (fresh water), I couldn't bring myself to go swimming due to possible sea creatures lurking (jellyfish, stingrays).  It was enjoyable walking up & down the beach.  Other times we gazed at the Atlantic Ocean from the balcony.

These oval-shaped pools are from the sea turtles
who swim ashore in the night to lay their eggs. 
The beach is closely monitored for their protection.

Sunrise at approx 6:15 a.m.

Thank you for visiting the sites seen on vacation.

While watching the Canadian Open on Sunday and sewing with Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitchers, I'll continue filling in the letters of Augusta.


If you are able to travel this year, be careful as we returned home with the sniffles despite taking precautions.


Created by Kathi said...

Your Augusta ornament will be a treasure to you when completed Jill! Glad you took time to come down south and enjoyed the time though sorry you got home sniffly. Sounds like a great trip otherwise… did you have a fave stop??
Happy stitching as you watch golf in Canada today :)

The Cozy Quilter said...

A perfect summer project! Our daughter curled at the St. George’s curling club when she was in high school. Our view was not quite so green from the clubhouse in the winter! Enjoy your stitching.
Great holiday photos. We have visited Savannah and Charleston. Beautiful historic buildings.

Ivani said...

Beautiful needle point ornament. I love your photos specially the ones on the beach,
it was worth wake up early and registering that beautiful sunrise. Thanks for sharing, Jill.

CathieJ said...

Your trip sounds wonderful. It is one I want to take also. Your needlepoint ornament is so pretty. We have been watching the Canadian tournament also. Have a great week.

Karrin Hurd said...

Great stitching, and lovely pictures of your trip! I love old house, and the beach even more!

Kyle said...

What a beautiful area to visit. Much different than the Great Lakes! Savannah was a favorite destination of mine. It looked like you had a fantastic time. I think we've all been super sanitized the past couple of years, we're all going to be prone to colds and sniffles. Enjoy the US Open this weekend

Sarah said...

I like the globe decorations you stitch! Your holiday photos look lovely. I live by the sea and I never paddle, always to cold for my liking! Enjoying watching the golf

Carol said...

What a pretty new needlepoint you are working on, Jill! And how nice to be able to visit three such lovely destinations. We went to Charleston for our 35th anniversary (ten years ago now!) and loved it. Have always wanted to go to Savannah, too, and now that I have a great-niece who will be attending college there this fall, perhaps I'll make a special point to visit. Really enjoyed your travel photos and hope you are feeling better by now! Enjoy this last bit of June (Can the year really be half-over?!).