Slow Stitching Sunday

Today is my first link-up to Kathy's Quilts weekly link party entitled Slow Stitching Sunday.

My current quilt is not ready for hand work. Therefore, I am cross stitching a small item to give as part of an ornament exchange for my golf league. I purchased this colorful pattern online from CrossStitch and it downloaded it to my computer. How simple is that? Gosh, I didn't even have to pay postage.

Original intent is for a bookmark, but I am only stitching the middle section of golf hole, green and sky. I will then use this as an insert to some golf fabric from my stash which will be stuffed. I will then tie a pretty red ribbon for hanging.

Ten days left on the calendar to complete it! It is now time to prioritize my time. Hopefully, next week I can show the completed ornament. May you find time during this busy season to do some stitching even if it is for a few minutes. It all adds up.


  1. I'll bet that this will be adorable! I can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Very cute. I love Cross stitching and I am also slow stitching one. Hugs