Slow Super Bowl Sunday Stitching

Super Bowl Sunday is here and hopefully a whole lot of stitching will be going on in blogland.

The 1800s repro-quilt has been all board basted and is in the quilt frame.  During the past two weeks, the hand quilting has begun.  One row completed.

A glitch was experienced but was overcome.  Note that glitches are common to me and they tend to slow me down.  Does that happen to you?

My glitch occurred after I had completed stitching two of the alternate blocks.  I desired to do double rows of quilting of which I have seen in vintage and antique quilts.  Therefore, I just started quilting double rows (close together) at one-inch intervals.  It didn't look right.  The rows reminded me of tubes or sausages all lined up.  It bothered me.

I checked an antique quilt from my collection and noted how the alternate blocks were quilted in double rows with wider spacing.  Side note:  I love the soft yet scrunchy look of the antique quilts.

Therefore, I re-evaluated and drafted a simple quilt pattern on tracing paper cut to size (eight inches square).  I folded the paper in half to center the stencil.  From the center point, I drew simple dashed lines simulating quilted stitches.

By spacing the double rows 1/4 inch apart at 3/4 intervals, it worked out perfect.  I laid the paper on top of the alternate block to confirm and it looked good.  If I wasn't story problem challenged, I would have maybe figured this out first.  Lol!

Then I had to pull out the previous stitches and redo the two alternate blocks.  It wasn't so bad as I was working along one of the edges, therefore, the blocks weren't full size.  I disliked the extra work, but was relieved that I fixed something that bothered me.

If you are not into watching football as myself, may you find some time to do some stitching today with others at Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching.


  1. it is always better to pick out then regret later and not use the quilt because you hate it. I have picked out also. I'm sure you will love it now

  2. I had the same thing happen this week. Just wasn't happy with the design. I love that you explained this since I have tried to do the double line and it always looks wrong. I see that starting with the block size would probably help, as I always just try to use a ruler and space them evenly. DUH! Why didn't I think of that! Thank you for turning on the light bulb.

  3. It's so wonderful when a quilt clearly tells you what is best for the stitches. So glad you listened and made the best design for your quilt! Hope you enjoyed your slow stitching...thanks for linking up!