Sauder Village Quilt Show 2014 Part 2

A few more photos of a few of the quilts that took my fancy at the 2014 Sauder Village Quilt Show in Archbold, Ohio.  The photos are in no particular order and there were many other pretty quilts.

Wall Hanging

Blue Ribbon in Hand Quilting - Well Deserved

A Dear Jane which was hand pieced and hand quilted.  Amazing.

 Yummy Yellow

Loved the scalloped edge.

Modern, bright and colorful.

Wall Hanging by Teresa at Fabric Therapy

Note how small are the applique pieces

A winter quilt

 Halloween Wall Hanging

Colorful compass medallion quilt

This wall hanging looked like a painting.  Note the quilts on line.

This quilt had absolutely fine exquisite hand quilting and nary a ribbon.
I don't get it.

The featured instructor was Gyleen Fitzgerald who had
one of her Trash to Treasure Pineapple Quilts on display.

Rhett & Scarlett  

On the way home I found myself
stuck in traffic.  
It took 50 minutes to travel 5 miles.  
Three lanes of mostly semi-trucks.
Yes, the quilt show was worth it!

In two weeks I travel to Columbus, Ohio to attend the

I attended last year and it was wonderful!


  1. I came to your blog from Fabric Therapy where Theresa posted a close-up photo of your's beautiful. I love your choice of fabrics. Congratulations! I'm a hand quilter also, so I especially appreciate hand quilting.

  2. All gorgeous / enjoyed it ! Having said that, the Dear Jane is amazing. As in jaw-dropping.