Lavendar Days

This is the first year that I have grown lavender and I am hooked.  I started out with three little plants that were planted last year.  The variety is Munstead which is hardy to Michigan winters.  

The above bouquets came from these three little plants that were planted last summer.

They grew into this.

My flower garden is not large but it does get the hot afternoon sun and the bed is ever-so-slightly raised by just a few inches.

I used twine and divided into three bundles and hung to dry in a closet.
My plan is to sew pretty sachet bags for my homegrown buds.

This afternoon I attended a lavender festival held at a local orchard.  
A lavender-colored bike welcomed attendees.

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  1. pretty lavender and dry so pretty. I love that bike :) I have heard lavender can be dried to use in tea too have you tried that I never have grown it but think I will try it next year