Around the World Blog Tour

Last week I was asked to be tagged for the Around the World Blog Tour by a favorite blogger and quilter, Teresa at Fabric Therapy!  I was delighted to accept her request.  To be so organized, as she, is on my dream list.

My tour has more photos than verbiage as there was a last minute decision this past weekend to hop in the car to view the fall colors in "Up North" Michigan. The weather was warm, with sunny blue skies and leaf color at peak in the Gaylord area.

Ostego Lake State Park, Gaylord, Michigan
Obviously, the family-run motel that we stayed at had a sense of humor per the Bates Motel signage which I was unaware of when we made the reservation. We did make it through the night, but now I am digressing....

What am I currently working on?  As with most quilters, more than one project is in the works. Writing this post makes me realize that I have too many projects.

I have been sewing in snippets of found time on my first foundation-pieced quilt. Fabrics are by Kaffe Fassett.  They are being pieced on a new-to-me Featherweight.  Now I know why this sewing machine wonder is popular with quilters.  The extended arm bed is perfect for foundation piecing.

An I Spy quilt is in the precut stage. These novelty prints are cut into squares instead of hexies. The sashing will be made with various primary-color solids. I am hoping the squares will be more easily "spied" with little eyes.

Projects waiting to be started include: an appliqué quilt pattern designed by Kim McLean.

A cloth handbag which I saw completed at a quilt show and swooned.

Machine quilted placemats out of the following fabrics.

A Cuddle quilt from a kit.  Sometimes called Minky quilt.

Repair a hole in yellow hexie quilt that was recent find at a local antique shop.

The top priority is an Elsa costume which is only awaiting a final fitting prior to hemming.

How does my work differ from others?  After reading quilt and sewing blogs, I think my work is not as focused as others.  It takes me a long time to finish a project unless there is a deadline (Elsa costume).  Many participate in quilt alongs.  With so many ideas, projects, kits, patterns on my wish list, I realize that I would never be able to keep up.

Why do I create?   I have often wondered why I create/make what I do. Honestly, I don't know why other than I desire to do so!

How do I work?   My work seems to be done in bits and pieces of time.  I have noticed that I work best alone as that is how I concentrate.  It doesn't matter if I am doing hand work or sewing on a machine.  I learn well in classes, but I do not work at the same speed as others.  I envy those who can emerge from a workshop with a completed project.

I have a sewing space (definitely not a studio) in our semi-finished basement.  I try keep it reasonably neat as I work best with some order.  This is a struggle as I would rather sew than straighten.  Do you share the same challenge?

For next Monday's (October 19, 2014) Around the World Blog Tour, it is a pleasure to introduce Rahna from Blooming in Chintz (love those names) whom I have been following for approximately six months.  Her blog is attractive and inviting.  Rahna's simple, yet breathtaking choice of fabrics and colors in her quilt making have a timeless vintage appeal.  Soft enough to wrap up in one and cuddle.  Please check out her posts on cable stitching and orange peel quilting all done on her home sewing machine with a walking foot. Amazing! Rahna also shares photos from quilt shows.  I love seeing photos from shows that I cannot attend.  I also enjoy peeking at the blogs that Blooming in Chintz follows.

The Attic Window Quilt Shop is another blog that I follow. Chris Brown is the shop owner while Caroll manages the blog sharing what the customers accomplish.  Caroll also teaches classes and runs some of the bees.  What fun.  Great ideas come from this blog.  Actually, this bricks and mortar quilt shop tempts me to get in the car and drive 2.5 hours to visit.  A friendly blog, that makes one feel feel like a part of the group. If I lived closer, I would personally attend.  The Happy Scrappers recently met and had a great time.  Caroll shared their day, and you can too by clicking here.  A free pattern of a whimsical rooster is offered on the the blog.   It is a worthwhile online visit to The Attic Window Quilt Shop in Grand Rapids, Michigan.


  1. Oh, Jill, you are so sweet, but I do have to tell you that I do not own the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Chris Brown is the owner and she generously lets me teach some classes, run a couple bees, and blog about the shop and all the wonderful people who come in there. I love your post and the pictures of this wonderful state (I'm not a native), and thank you so much for tagging me. I hope I can do my post justice.

  2. I loved getting to know you a little better. I work at a slower pace ... I attend a semi annual one day retreat where the hostess offers a couple of projects to work on if we wish. I tried to the first time I attended, but I just couldn't keep up. So since then, I just work on whatever project I bring with me. ;-)

  3. It's hard to keep my sewing space neat. You'd cringe if you saw my cutting table. Sometimes there isn't room to cut.

  4. Jill, how nice to get to know you better!!! I would be happy to be making any of your current projects! Love working with minky as a backing, but I'm not sure about piecing with it - yikes!!! And I need to start on an I-Spy project soon too. I have a grandson who is just about at that age. Yes, I too work better in an organized area, although I fail miserably at keeping my area neat way too much of the time! Unfortunately, sewing gets the better of straightening more often than not - the struggle is ongoing! :)

    Thanks for sharing with us!!!

  5. So many lovely projects going on and coming up and then that picture of the lake and foliage...glad you included that as well :)

    The costume is amazing and the quilt from the antique shop ? What a treasure!

  6. Hi, Jill. I'm a first time visitor sent by Greg of Grey Dogwood Studios. Your basement sewing space DEFINITELY counts as a studio, by the way -- it has nothing to do with square footage, IMO. Calling your workspace a studio honors the creative work you do there. I am glad you're enjoying your new-to-you Singer Featherweight! Have you named her yet? I have two of them, one from 1935 and the other from 1951. I like them for piecing -- I feel like I'm time traveling when I'm sewing on those machines, and I find myself imagining that the sewing machine is a more experienced quilter than I am and she is "helping" somehow. I firmly believe this because I am a dork. ;-) I love those Kaffe Fassett fabrics you're using for your foundation pieced quilt. I'll bet it will be gorgeous!

  7. You have some lovely projects in waiting and on the go! And I think your work space can be called a studio!