Elsa & Tour Tag

I have looked forward to writing this post for two reasons.

Finally, being able to post photos of the finished royal gown Halloween costume for a five-year-old "Elsa" ice princess. These photos are a bit hurried as the getting-to-the-party became rushed.  Perhaps, later I can post a better photo of the gown costume as the combination of all the pretty fabrics came together nicely.

The other reason that I looked forward to writing this post is to 'tag' two favorite quilting blog websites:  Blooming in Chintz and The Attic Window Quilt Shop.

Rahna, who is Blooming in Chintz, graciously shares her love of quilts and a passion of creating.  If roses and shabby florals call to you, a treat awaits when you visit this ever-so-pretty blog.

Caroll is a busy quilter who not only hosts The Attic Window Quilt Shop for the owner, she also is a  quilt teacher and pattern tester all while generously encouraging others in their quilting projects.  If only she wasn't 2.5 hours away.

Both sites are welcoming and a pleasure to visit!  You may also come away learning something new while being inspired.  Rahna and Caroll have outdone themselves in preparation of their Tour.

Here is my own side comment:  Participating in the Around the World Blog Tour did involve extra time posting, however, it has been fun, educational and inspiring.  I do not know who, when or how it started, but I am enjoying the Tour and learning about fellow quilt bloggers.


  1. That gown turned out fantastic! Such a pretty little princess!

  2. Very pretty, nicely done! My little ones love Frozen too....how fun! :)

  3. What a gorgeous gown! I bet she felt like the belle of the ball! Our Halloween was so rainy and windy...we had fewer T or Ters, and NO princesses from Frozen! Can you believe it?!? We had a couple of Olaf the snowman.