A Sewing Week

This is a follow-up to last Sunday's post in regards to attending the Quilters Winterfest Quilt Show. It was a lovely show presented in an inviting and cozy venue.

Bavarian Inn Lodge, Frankenmuth, MI
In the afternoon, I attended a kaleidoscope workshop taught by Paula Nadelstern. It was excellent and fun. Paula generously shared her knowledge with tips and tricks. If you get the chance to attend a class taught by Paula, I highly recommend it.

Earlier in the month, I posted about my 16-year old sewing machine going in for service and tune up prior to the machine quilting process of some sections of the dolly dress quilt.

Unfortunately, the service tech ran into difficulties as two metal parts had fused together over time. Over the phone I was told, "Sews great, however, it makes a noise." Gasp. The store offered to put the service bill towards a new machine. Hmmm. After testing driving several machines by different makers, I soon learned why many of the "quilt stars" (including Paula) sew with a Swiss machine. Loyalty to my previous brand was gone. This is what came home with me. :-)
Aurora 430
A two or three-year old Bernina was recently brought in for a trade-in. I still had to add $$$, but how many times does a gently-used Bernina come along. ;-)  The machine was serviced and was ready for a new owner.  It's been a swell honeymoon as we get to know one another.

On Sunday, I plan on joining Kathy and other slow stitchers while I continue to hand quilt the outline of this dress.

In closing here are a few photos from the quilt show.  Some traditional and some modern. ALL the quilts were pretty. Please note none were labeled with the maker's name.  Jill



  1. How many little dresses on your quilt? You must be getting close to a finish. Congrats on the new machine...I also have a Swiss made machine. Thanks for sharing the photos from the quilt show.

  2. Enjoy the new machine. Sounds like it was put in place just when you needed it. Your little dresses are darling.

  3. Those little dresses are so sweet!

    Congrats on the new sewing machine! I wouldn't part with my Bernina...we've been together since 1997! She's the best!

  4. That looks like a great exhibition, lucky you. And a new machine, whoop whoop! We used to have Bernina's at school (I'm unwilling to admit how many decades ago that was!!!), and they were great in that environment where they were abused no end, have fun with yours :)

  5. Another darling dress! Nice new sewing machine!

  6. Sweet dress and sewing machine deal and thank you for sharing so many beautiful quilts from the show! :)

  7. Another sweet dress to enjoy stitching!

  8. Love your pretty little dress, very cute. Congrats on the new machine. I love my Bernina, hope you are still enjoying yours.