Super Re-Baste

Today on Super Bowl Sunday, I will be doing more hand basting using the board-basting method.

During this past week, I ran into some issues on the dolly dress quilt. The basting process was completed and I started to machine quilt yet things were not quite right. The batting felt stiff and cumbersome although I told myself that it would be alright (it wasn't). The straight line machine quilting was inconsistent and more of a chore than a hobby.

I took a break and rethought it all. The all-cotton batting (cut from a roll) that was purchased at a big box fabric store wasn't producing the effect I desired. My sewing machine needed a professional tune-up and cleaning.  The backing (a small pink floral pattern) gave a pink shadow to the white sections of the top.  I was becoming cranky and it would only get worse if I pushed forward; yet all the while, I kept telling myself it would get better.

After a good night's sleep, I decided I would not be happy nor would things be alright during the quilting process and final result. Therefore, I removed one row of machine quilting and all the basting stitches. Tone-on-tone white fabric for the backing was purchased, a better quality batting was found and my faithful (but neglected) sewing machine was taken in for an overall cleaning and tuneup.

While waiting service on the machine, I replaced the batting and backing and am doing a better job of board basting. Yesterday, I got a got good start on it and will work on it today while I join many others at Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching. There are some awesome projects out there being stitched by hand.

This photo shows how the basted stitches look from the back when everything is done following Sharon Schamber's method on Youtube.

I am using No. 12 perle cotton, Tulip Basting Needle, my trusty needle threader. Fortunately, the eye of the needle is large enough to accommodate the perle cotton. The perle cotton snuggles amongst the three layers of the quilt sandwich and the basting process is smoother than when I used thread to baste. The Tulip basting needle is long and sharp as it pierces the fabric without leaving a hole like a chenille needle may do.

May you have smoother stitches than I recently experienced.  



  1. It is always smart to take a break, instead of getting frustrated. It is looking great....have fun!

  2. Boy, I admire you for your hard work. You'll never regret making it right.

  3. I have this same machine! I actually love it as it's such a workhorse. I think it could use a tune up though.