Diagonal Stitching

Happy days that I am at the point where I can remove some of the basting stitches and begin the background grid quilting pattern which will be on the diagonal.

While working on the dolly dress quilt, I have learned an easy quick tip for not marking lines which I learned from an online class taught by Susan Cleveland.

Instead of marking the lines, blue painters tape is used. On this particular quilt, the stitch lines will be on the diagonal. The process was extra easy as there is a diagonal gird in the sashing in which I can line up the tape with accuracy.

After lining up a fresh piece of 9/16 inch tape, I stitch along the right side edge, then the tape is removed. A new length of tape is placed along the right side of previously stitched line and then I stitch the next line, etc. My grid lines will be one inch apart.

This upcoming weekend I will be attending my first overnight quilters retreat. The main instructor is Paula Nadelstern well known for her design of kaleidoscope quilts. Last month I attended a half-day workshop taught by Paula which was educational and fun! I am delighted that she is returning to Michigan.
This week, I am linking with Esther Aliu for WIPs on Wednesday.


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  1. Lucky you! I hope you have a wonderful time at the retreat.