First and Last

Today I hand quilt around the fussy embellishments. This is the first dress I added trim and one of my favorites of all 12 dresses. Therefore, I am savoring it to be the last dress for hand quilting around the embellishments that I cannot get to by machine.

Speaking of my sewing machine, I would like to share its new home. This is an unfinished Ikea wood table before it was "hacked" to be a custom sewing table.

This is how the machine's base/platform was attached to the table. It was bolted from the top.

Why did I not totally make the machine flush with the table? Because I need space to comfortably slide off the extension table for accessing the bobbin.

Back to hand quilting around the embellishments while I participate with others at Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching.



  1. The dress is so cute...very nice!

  2. Such a cute one... love the gingham!

  3. Cute dress! Looks so fresh and spring-y! I do like your table, and think you are very wise to have figured out that table and the bobbin business BEFORE the fact, not after! (I would've had to re-do it!)

  4. Very darling little dress. The table solution looks perfect for your needs. I've never been happier with my sewing table and the end of wrestling with a too high machine.

  5. How wonderful to have a recessed space for your machine. Have you quilted anything large with it? How much of a difference does it make when maneuvering the bulk and weight of a large quilt?