Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Linky Thank You

My first time receiving a giveaway arrived this week.  It is a brand new awesome cloth tape measure which is retractable ~ works smooth as silk.  A lanyard is attached for hanging on neck.  If that isn't enough, there is a magnet (for dropped pins and needles) on the opposite side of the push button.  How handy dandy is that.

Just who is the generous blogger who offered the giveaway?  None other than Kathi at Designs Originals by KC.  It was part of her Monthly Linky Party in which you write your own Laundry List of goals that you want to set for the following month.  There are a few days in which you can write your list (doesn't have to be long ~ no pressure either) and then link up.

The list is assisting me in staying focused on my projects.  May you consider setting a couple of goals and then link up with Kathi at the end of September with your October's Laundry List.  There is no pressure to finish and it is fun!  If I meet half my goals, I'll still be ahead.

Knitted golf covers are completed.  Been practicing applique and working on my Kaffe quilt.  This week I must get going on the Elsa costume which is a character from Disney's Frozen movie.  Tape measure will be handy for costume fitting.  :-)

Even without winnning a pretty and functional giveway, I am finding the laundry list process to be enjoyable and beneficial.  Not only does Kathi have her own blog, she is a contributing writer for Celebrate Hand Quilting.  AND she is in the process of making a special and personal quilt for a family member.  She has designed it herself and is focused on completing it!  Click here to see the quilt and her progress.  Thanks Kathi!

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