Elsa Costume

A quick sewing update on Elsa costume for Halloween.

It is going well after taking the time for important pre-sewing steps.  The five-year old was measured and matched to the pattern's measurements.  An adjustment was made at the waist and bodice length.  This was a challenge as one does not want the dress to be too tight nor too loose as it is more of a fitted style.  Based on the design, after completion, there is not much room for alterations.  Note the waist has two adjoining fancy fabrics and trim.

Elsa is 2014's most popular character.  The pattern and fabric was purchased eight to six weeks ago. I am using bridal fabric (the satin is the reverse side of a nubbed faux silk).

Fancy blue fabric is flying off the shelves.  Yesterday, I went to buy a blue 12-inch zipper.  Guess what?  They were out-of-stock.  I had to buy the 16-inch zipper and will have to cut down.

There are nine (9) pieces to Simplicity's pattern so I do not consider it a quick costume.  Nor is it inexpensive.  I estimate to be up to $40 for fabric, pattern, zipper, trim, and bias tape. All purchased on sale. Oh, but is it pretty and fun putting it together.

Back to sewing,

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  1. Loving this costume colors and fabrics you are using... I hope you enjoy the journey of making this costume... Hand made costumes are MUCH MORE durable than store bought... she will love it I am sure and I bet it gets worn more than just for Halloween! Kathi

  2. Good for you to tackle this. I've been advised by my daughter that T#4 wants a pink cape to finish her costume. Seriously? Alas, I know that I could say no here, but when we get home and I see those eyes and that sweet little voice begging me to make her a quilt ... Well, I guess I know what I'll be doing when we get back from vacation ... shopping for that Simplicity pattern and something suitable (in pink) for a cape.

  3. Just back of Disney and the Elsa dress there was $69.95 and yours is prettier material. So it is a bargin non the less.

  4. Lucky 5 year old! :) The farthest I have gotten in clothes sewing was some simple skirts / tops for the grand girls and don't ask me about trying to make a doll once, ha ha. My hat is off to you ladies that can sew clothing especially complicated costumes!! : )

  5. It's going to be a lovely costume. It's interesting that Elsa is the popular one. I'm an Anna fan, myself :) I'm always impressed by people who can sew clothing. I can trace a pattern and sew the seams, but making something fit is another story!