Applique Practice Not

My participation with others at Slow Sunday Stitching consists of choosing fabric to practice applique work. I was going to start with a heart, but I am really liking Kathy's seed blocks and a seed/melon/orange peel would be easier to practice on before attempting the heart shape. Eventually, I would like to make Flower Pots, an applique quilt, by Kim McLean.

Above is what I chose to hand sew today, but I was sidetracked. is not the first time.  This morning I browsed a nearby outdoor antique show.

Found bits of pretty lace for a future crazy quilting project.  Do not yet know what I'll do with the vintage black buttons encrusted with rhinestones, but the price was right.  All this for $4!

In the afternoon I had an opportunity to watch the Blue Angels fly at Selfridge Air National Guard Base.  The weather was perfect for an air show.  Clear blue skies with low humidity.  My family was able to see the show off the base (to avoid the crowds) yet, close enough to experience a flyover.  It was awesome and a thrill to watch them perform.

It was worth being sidetracked from my hand sewing on a beautiful day seeing special things.


  1. Nice quilt to work up to. It looked like a lovely day outside

  2. Jill, So excited you are starting with the pumpkin seed pattern :) But I love the Kim Diehl pattern too! You will learn to make it I am sure :) You are such a talented artisan. Love your goodies from the market. So happy you and your family made the time to see the Blue Angels... I would have chosen less crowded too! lol Kathi

  3. Love that flower pot pattern. I saw a similar one at a quilt show and started collecting bright fabrics to make it. Haven't got around to it yet!

  4. The peels are a great way to start and practice the appliqué. A nice gentle curve =). I'm just going to warn you that they tend to be addicting =).

  5. What a spectacular quilt ... I can see why you want to make it. Have you done applique before? What method do you think you'll use for your peels?

  6. a good reason to be sidetracked, I love kim's patterns look forward to watching you make this one!