Slow Knitting

This is an applicable post to rejoin kindred hand stitchers at Slow Sunday Stitching hosted by Kathy. I have been very slooow on hand stitching and blogging since the warm months.  Upon the return to cooler months (in North America) and hand stitching, I am determined to complete what was previously started.

I decided it was okay to finish the bunny in Autumn as the emphasis is on a finish.  On and off I have been refreshing my knitting skills on a knitted bunny pattern by Julie Williams of Little Cotton Rabbits. I viewed knitting videos both on youtube and Craftsy which was beneficial. Progress was accomplished last week when I completed the bunny.

Today, I am knitting the bunny's pink dress.

Visit the others at Slow Sunday Stitching to view hand stitched projects.


  1. Oh so sweet! You must be thrilled with your little bunny! Enjoy making the skirt!

  2. I, too, have wanted to make this bunny for a very long time. I need to improve my knitting skills. Was it hard to make? I really like the color of pink you are using for the dress and shoes. Nice job!

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