Make a Design Wall

Today I would like to demonstrate my method of making a design wall while linking and sharing with Design Wall Monday. It is relatively inexpensive, no holes in the wall, easily moved around and packed away when not in use.

The flannel fabric is from Kaffe Fassett. You can use any flannel, felt or batting.  This particular one measures 44 x 66 inches. With this method, you can make your design wall any size.

Hanging supplies are an oval spring tension curtain rod, 3-M Command tabs, neodymium disc magnets, flat metal washers, and a tape measure. My cost from my local big box home improvement store was $17 (not including fabric).

  • Put two Command tabs together (velcro sides)
  • Remove protective paper adhesive on one side 
  • Affix a flat round metal washer
  • Add neudymium magnet(s) 
  • Decide where to place on wall
  • Remove the reverse side paper adhesive
  • Press Command Hook firmly on wall
  • Add more homemade magnetic tabs (depending on your desired width)
  • Sew a simple rod pocket at top of your design wall (flannel, felt, etc.)
  • Insert tension rod into pocket
  • Place rod near your Command Hook magnatic hanger
  • Magic happens as rod grabs the magnets

Shopping tips:
If you buy everything at one store, it is easy to test the holding power. Place the curtain rod on the neodymium magnet on the flat metal washer. If it grabs, then you are good to go.  The flat washer adheres nicely to the sticky side of the Command Hook.
Purchase Neodymium Disc Magnets (regular ones not strong enough)
Use appropriate 3MCommand Hooks (note how much weight they will hold). I bought the package that holds 9 pounds. They have velcro and are equivalent to the Command Hooks that are for picture hanging. Yes it is confusing shopping the 3M Aisle.

At home:

  • Be extra careful not to get your set of three neodymium magnets near the other set of three magnets as they will firmly adhere to one another. Good luck pulling them apart. If they do get stuck together, hire a high school football player to pull them apart or click here for a video. Ask my why I needed to find this video.
  • Use a tape measure / ruler to measure down from the ceiling so that Command Hooks are relatively straight. 

Other items of note:

  • Optional is a second tension rod for the bottom which holds the flimsy flannel more steady. It is not necessary, but I prefer it. 
  • Regular ceramic magnets are not as strong. Neodymium are extremely strong and are NOT for children.  The size that I used measure 18 mm x 3 mm which is the largest that I was able to buy. 

This red and white quilt is actually too small for this flannel design wall. Geesh! Soon I will be making a larger design wall to accommodate more blocks and a border. This is a great way to hang quilts for display which I plan on doing within a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Since the red and white quilt continues to be a work in progress, I am linking with Esther's blog.


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  1. good idea - I almost got that flannel grid for my design wall but went with white flannel instead, as I have a whole wall space it is not always covered completely and I didn't want to look at a gray grid all the time - and that is the only reason I didn't get it LOL