Saturday, February 12, 2022

Mid February

Happy Valentine's ❤️ Day!

Above is a needlepoint heart finished several years ago along with a collection Valentine handkerchiefs displayed on the fireplace mantle.  

As we all know, Valentine's is about love which reminds me of The City of Love - Paris. Since I can't be there (sigh), this puzzle will just have to do.
This week I reaffirm to work on the slooow skating Sunday stitching project while joining Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching. Take a peak and see what others choose to be working on Superbowl Sunday. 

Last week I was sidetracked by a Sunday drive to the St. Clair River where it was full of ice coming down from the Great Lakes. It's quite the site to see.  The land across the river is Ontario, Canada. I'm in the U.S.  It never ceases to amaze that I can look across the river and see a foreign country. 

Huge chunks of ice going every which way.

A few freighters continue to sail with the help of both U.S. and Canada's Coast Guard ice cutters. This one looks stuck, but it is not.

It's been enjoyable watching the Olympic figure skating with more to come. Yet, I'm unable to concentrate on needlepoint stitches while doing so as in my mind I’m skating and spinning with them (big wink).

Since I'm not a football fan, skate progress should be made today and in the oven will be ❤️ shaped cookie cutouts.  



Kim said...

Oh wow, that wintry landscape is incredible! To think, you could get in your canoe and paddle over to Canada! =) Those red and white Valentine's hankies on your mantle are so pretty. Such a lovely collection you have. Sweet ornaments and your needlepoint heart is a beauty. As for your cross stitch skates.... you had better get your skates on and, so sorry. =) Enjoy your stitching, lovely Jill.

CathieJ said...

I think I may have a couple of Valentine hankies somewhere. I have to find mine. I like that display idea and the needlepoint heart is very pretty. I am looking forward to seeing the skates too. I would love to add needlepoint back into my list of crafts. Especially that skate ornament. That snowy, icy river is beautiful and harsh at the same time. Enjoy your stitching. Happy Valentine's Day!

Design Originals by KC said...

I love your heart needlepoint... and hankies too... your mantle looks delightful!
I hope you enjoy working on your skates while watching Olympics or whatever you find... the puzzle looks fun too though :) Have fun making cookies... sounds like a busy day and you may need the slow stitching or puzzle making to slow you down! lol Kathi

Maggie said...

Love the hearts and all the stitching. We live in Ontario and we see so much snow and ice, not quite the same view. When we lived up north they use to blow up the ice dams with dinamite and it always amazes me that they do it that way on some rivers where boats cannot get to it to remove ice jams. Happy Valentine’s Day for tomorrow.

Angela said...

Your Valentines are so cheerful and pretty!

The Cozy Quilter said...

Lovely Valentine's decorations! I have my heart quilt on the wall for the month of February. Lots of ice in the river--It's been cold enough to freeze much of Lake Erie. Looks like more cold weather on the way too. Enjoy your skate stitching. I have been watching the olympics too.

Sarah said...

Wow that’s some impressive snow and ice. Good project to work on while the olympics are on, although I know what you mean it’s hard to concentrate on stitching when there’s so much action on tv.

Karrin Hurd said...

Wow that is some snow and ice! I can't believe that boat isn't stuck! Happy stitching!

Kyle said...

A sweet idea using your vintage valentine hankies on the mantle. That ice is incredible. hard to picture a big freighter getting through all of that even with the help of the Coast Guard.

Jenny said...

You have made such a pretty Valentins display. Ooh, all that ice, the ship does indeed look stuck fast.

Sherrie said...

Wow, that's a lot of ice. And some of them look really
big. Love your mantel pretty. Have a
great day!

Carol said...

I so enjoyed your post full of LOVE-ly things today, Jill! The vintage hankies caught my eye--what a clever way to display them. I have a couple Valentine's one which were my grandma's. I do treasure them! The needlepoint heart is so lovely--classic and something you will never tire of.

I found the photos of Lake Ontario to be so interesting! I had no idea there was so much ice... My sister has a summer house on Lake Ontario in New York, but I have never been there in the winter. I'll have to find out if she has a similar view of the ice. It is a neat feeling looking out across her front lawn and being able to see Canada across the way.

Hope you enjoy this last half of February! ♥

Violet said...

very nice