I Think I Can

"I think I can.  I think I can." This week while hand quilting the outside border, I've been remembering the quote from a classic childrens' storybook, "The Little Engine that Could."

This quote and other encouraging words have kept me moving along with my time-sensitive stitching. It is my intent to have quilt completed by March 31 in order to meet two quilt show entry deadlines.  This weekend I have one final side to quilt and then attach the binding.

As is common with all of us, there have been several life interruptions that have consumed some stitching time.  It's okay as people do come first, and I did manage to quilt at least one hour per day.

Kathy of Kathy's Quilts was correct in commenting that the cable design goes quickly.  A glimmer of hope emerged when I turned my first corner and the design came out well. Sorry the white marking lines are still intact.

I used the Fons and Porter mechanical fabric pencil for marking.  It's been a life saver while working on the dark fabric.

Easily and quickly removed with a white eraser.

A name for the quilt made out of Civil War Era reproduction fabrics is simmering in my mind also.  Stay tuned.....  

Smooth stitches,

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