Speed It Up

On this Slow Sunday Stitching I need to speed up to fast stitching.  Why?  Two large quilt show entry deadlines are quickly approaching.

It reminds me of the hilarious skit from a classic I Love Lucy episode when Lucy and Ethel get a job at a candy factory and the supervisor hollers, "Speed It Up."

The National Quilt Association moved up their annual show date by one month. It should have been obvious to me that this would also change the quilt entry deadline by one month.  However, my brain has been in hibernation this long bitter winter. This past week I was nudged awake while admiring the completion of a fellow blogger's appliqued quilt. Baltimore Rhapsody can be viewed at Fabric Therapy.

Upon coming out of my winter lull, I quickly checked quilt websites and calendars. Yikes! I have to complete my unnamed quilt by the end of March. The other show I would like to enter is the Sauder Village Quilt Show.

Instead of becoming discouraged with the amount of unfinished blocks, I decided to appreciate the finished blocks. Therefore, I rotated the quilt in my frame, so while I stitched I could see the completed blocks vs. the uncompleted blocks.

Stitching with Finished Blocks

Stitching with Unfinished Blocks

Quilting with the completed blocks is more of an encouragement to keep stitching.

During the past few days, I have been timing my stitching in order to estimate the doability of completion. It may be possible to finish it and still be able to eat, sleep, and do laundry.  Lol!

If you need a chuckle while stitching along with others at Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching, click here to watch a 1:45 second video of Lucy and Ethel at the candy factory video.

This week will determine if I can meet my deadlines.  Stay tuned.....


  1. Loving how this quilt is coming along... I tend to look at what I have finished too to encourage what I haven't quilted yet! Sounds like we are both hand quilting the down hill portion that is taking a while... Hope you can meet your new deadline! Will keep you in prayer for stamina to quilt to a beautiful finish in time to show it off! :) Kathi

  2. That is such a gorgeous quilt ... and I just LOVE those fabrics! Are they from a specific line? When I saw your mention of the show, I thought - hey! we're not very far from Columbus, but that is when we will be heading back home from our trip to Hilton Head. By the same token, maybe we can take the long way home and add an extra day to our return home to take in the show. Hmmmmm, I'll have to check that out! ;-)

  3. That Lucy show was the funniest ever. Thanks for sharing it with us so we can all laugh again. Good lcm with your deadline quilting. The quilt is gorgeous and I love your idea of looking at the finished blocks. I, too, am plugging away at my goals. Think I am gonna make them...woohoo :-)

  4. Love that episode! I think the laundry can be eliminated from your list of things to do =). Good luck meeting your deadline.