Off the Frame

Finished all quilting including redo blocks on Tuesday.

After with diagonal rows in alternate blocks all going in the same direction.

Before with opposite slants:

I think it is more cohesive with double rows angling in the same direction. 

Quilt came out of the frame

and it was nice to see an empty frame.

Binding on Rhett & Scarlett is almost complete.  Will post those photos within a few days.


  1. It's always nice to take a quilt off the frame/out of the hoop, isn't it? Which leads to the next question: what's going in next? I can't wait to see Rhett & Scarlett when it's done ... with that gorgeous quilting and beautiful fabrics, I'm sure it will be stunning!

  2. It's wonderful to get a quilt done! :) I had to chuckle at the frame because I am currently using a hoop but the last time I had something in the PVC frame it became a hideout underneath for the grandkids! :0 )

  3. I have 2 of those standing PVC frames. I bought the first one brand new, and found the 2nd one at a thrift store. I don't think they knew what it was. They are great. Love your quilting. It's great to have a finish! Now to get something new on that frame.