Traveling Sunday

The quilt is traveling this Slow Sunday Stitching day.  Actually it is going international.  I have the opportunity to see Niagara Falls in the winter which is something that I have always wanted to do.

I am still hopeful that I can meet my quilt show deadline (see previous post).  Therefore, the quilt must come with me so that I may accomplish more sewing.  A positive thing about hand quilting is that it is more portable than machine quilting.  Quilt is out of the large Q-Snap frame and into the portable Q-Snap frame so I can stitch while my sister drives.  :-)

We live in the Metro Detroit area and the drive to Niagara Falls, Ontario is approximately 3.5 hours.  We will spend one night there and return home on Monday. Two nieces are traveling with us.  One is home-schooled, and the trip to see the Falls will double as a science lesson.

Hopefully, you will be able to enjoy some slow stitching today with others on Kathy's blog.



  1. Sounds like a fun trip. I would think seeing the falls in the winter will be spectacular. I like that hand quilting is portable too!

  2. it would be beautiful to see in winter, I saw it only one time and it was in late summer or early fall - it has been awhile for sure

  3. Enjoy your trip! Loved the shape of the falls from the Canadian side. That would be a great science lesson and a fun trip to boot.

  4. Sounds like fun! I wish I could hand quilt in the car. I quilt bed sized quilts, and I worry about stepping on the excess quilt or it getting dirty while laying on the floor. Not to mention that all that excess quilt takes up a whole lot of room. At least I have hexies to work on while in the car ... so my time in the car isn't wasted. ;-)

  5. Q snap frames are great. I have 2 of the large, sit at frames, and several sizes of the small ones. I got to see Niagara Falls when I was 12. It's beautiful at night, too, all lit up.