Sleeve Stitching

My 1800s repro fabric quilt named Rhett & Scarlett is finished. Yay! Cable stitching and binding was completed this past week due to all the encouragement from dear fellow quilt bloggers!

During bits and pieces of free time today on Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching, I will begin to blind stitch the sleeve on quilt back which is required for hanging purposes at the shows.  I learned how to make and add a proper sleeve by watching an AQS video by Bobbie Browning.

Two fabrics were auditioned for the binding.

The matching fabric that was leftover from borders and alternate blocks was chosen.  I had barely enough to make a straight narrow binding.  Phew!  I like how it blends in and due to the print, the binding basically disappears thus creating a clean smooth edge.

Later this week, I hope to do a more detailed posting of binding along with a full photo/reveal of quilt.  R&S will hang better after full sleeve is added.  AQS quilt submissions require a full front view photograph.

There are several reasons why I personally choose to enter quilt shows.  It is not for competitive reasons as I am an average quilter.
  • It movitates me.
  • It gives me incentive to finish.
  • It challenges me.
  • It is a way to share.  I love to attend quilt shows and if no one enters their quilts, there wouldn't be be any quilt shows.
  • It is fun and rewarding to have a quilt displayed amongst award-winning quilts even though my quilt is a few aisles over. 
  • It gives me an excuse opportunity to attend and maybe travel to a quilt show.
Should you have a finished quilt or an almost-finished quilt, please consider showing your quilt.  Online applications take just a few minutes (once the quilt is photographed).

R&S has been accepted at the National Quilters Association 45th Annual Show held May 23-25, 2014.  The NQA has just extended the entry deadline to April 8, 2014.  It is a wonderful show with quality vendors.

It was also accepted at the Sauder Village Quilt Show held April 29 - May 4, 2014.  Only a month away.  I can hardly wait to attend this popular show.

Next, I look forward to working on other sewing and needlework projects that have been put on hold while I focused on completing Rhett & Scarlett.

Also, in a couple of weeks, my blog will be getting a new name.


  1. love the colors! you must be happy to have it done

  2. This is a lovely quilt and certainly worthy of a show. Kudos to you for entering. Our local guild has a show every two years and I agree with you. There are some masterpieces there, of course...I attended a few months ago and some of the quilts took my breath away. Those were the kind that took 2-3 years to applique and another 2-3 to hand quilt. However if only those people entered the show, it would be a very short show indeed. I enjoyed all of the variety that I saw there. That is not to say that I'd be brave enough to enter one at this moment but maybe a few quilts down the line when I get better...

  3. Your quilt turned out great! Love the borders and the binding you chose. Good luck in the shows!

  4. Just a lovely quilt and good luck with the shows.

  5. Congrats on finishing and meeting your goal! I enjoyed reading your list of reasons to enter.... I agree wholeheartedly! So wonderful that this lovely quilt will be travelling and enjoyed by many!

  6. A beautiful quilt! I really love your pink border fabric.
    Beautiful hand quilting.